Is criticizing Lionel Messi for his Golden Ball Trophy justified ?


#Messi at the finals – ARG vs GER

A lot of people are surprised by the pick for the Golden Ball for this year ‘s Fifa World up at Brazil 2014.

However, is criticizing Lionel Messi for his Golden Ball justified ?

I don’t think so.

Lionel Messi said everything himself by the way he stepped up to receive the trophy. His expressions said it all. All he wanted was to win the World cup. He didn’t ask for the trophy so criticizing him for his efforts and completely disrespecting his play is more or less being ignorant.

Is seems as if he will never win against the critics. He did his best, but let’s be honest he cannot carry the world team to victory, he did enough to get them to the finals.

#Messi will always be a hero ❤