This broke me into pieces.

I came across a very disturbing article just a few moments ago. I have no words to express how sad it makes me. I am still left with a shiver.

Palestinian medic tries to comfort a wounded boy at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip, The article, which I will be sure to site below, had a description of a young boy in Gaza who had been rushed into the clinic right after one of the heaviest bombardments. What baffled me, is the diction used to describe his state. This young boy, who was wounded all over his body, torn physically and emotional and had “very serious injuries” a wound to the left side of his head which could indicate a skull fracture and a large piece of shrapnel in his neck. Another piece of shrapnel had penetrated his chest and a third had entered his abdomen. There were many smaller wounds all over his body.”

“He was extremely lucky: his neck injury was just an inch away from a major artery, his chest injury penetrated all the way through but failed to puncture his lung, and his abdomen was struck by shrapnel that just missed his bowel.”

THIS young boy was described as being LUCKY ?

Are we really living in such a world, have we really come to see such days ?

Rich man’s war is poor man’s blood, as sad as this is, when will the world realize that this isn’t about a war anymore. It is about absolute injustice. It is a call out for humanity.

Since 2000, it is reported that about 4609 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and in response 242 Israeli civilians killed. Although I can sit here and explain why this isn’t a war as it is not a fair fight. I CANNOT possibly justify violence with violence.

For all those people out there blaming religion for this, all I have to say is that you are being ignorant. No religion preaches violence.

10409480_553596108079777_5737568349833793807_nThere are thousands of Palestinian homes being destroyed, and I mean completely SHATTERED on day to day basis. Hundreds of INNOCENT people just being harmed in the worst possible ways, it breaks my heart to see any of this. The death toll increases day by day and while there are protests going on all around the world, the leaders seem to be doing nothing about it, except arguably only defending such actions. Why aren’t these democratic leaders stepping up to defend humanity? Why is the media not covering any of this ? Why are celebrities who support human rights being bombarded with hate ?

These are innocent civilians we are talking about, how can anybody go on, day after day, without feeling even an inch of heartache. The Israeli government has been firing rockets as if they have lost all their humanity, targeting kids, women and even disabled people all in the name of “DEFENDING THEMSELVES”

If protecting themselves is really the case, then why don’t we let the death toll speak for itself.


Either way I am not trying to justify any human death, be it Palestinian or Israeli, because the people dying have nothing to do with the feud between the countries.

These people are paying for other people’s actions with their own blood. Its easy for us to sit here and pretend that it is no big deal. We have been taught to desensitize ourselves. Blood has become just another can of red paint, a bottle of ketchup or just some red splatter on our screens while we play Resident Evil.

Reading or hearing about such stories should affect you. You don’t have to be a muslim to recognize that THIS is a genocide. This is our generation’s holocaust.There are hundreds & hundreds of people, of all backgrounds, ethnicities and faith holding protests to show their support. You can support these protests, OR donate money through a reliable source, I would suggest OR simple help spread the word, make sure your friends know about this.

We. simple. can. not. live. ignoring. the. facts. Are you too busy with your life ? What would you do if you were in their place ? Still too busy ?

Are you just going to sit there and do nothing about it ? 

Link to the article I mentioned above:




Freedom lies in being bold

Freedom lies in being bold – Robert Frost


Friends, I encourage you all to go and learn more about the apartheid in#Gaza. We all tend to look back the at the World wars, Civil wars, Holocaust and apartheids and think to ourselves that it was completely unnecessary and that if we lived during those times we won’t have let it happen.

BUT Wake up !! Whats happening in Gaza right now is just that. So many innocent people behing killed in the worst possible ways. Have we lost our humanity ? We need to increase awareness so more people can learn and support the innocent.

Please make a short prayer for the people in Palestine.

If you don’t know where to start, check this short animation out. And please do share it among your family and friends. Its time that the world wakes up and does something about this before its too late.

I have come across a lot of people blaming the either religions for this crisis, but lets get it straight, this fight isn’t between religions. It is about fighting for justice, it would be wrong to blame Jews or Muslims for this battle. No religion preaches war. We need to stand up, we need to be bold so Palestine can get its freedom and both nations can live in peace.

Speak out & speak up.