Racing through life

A lot has happened since I left you. 

Since the very first day of university, my life has been a race. For the longest time I have been trying to catch a breath.  It seems so tiring to just keep racing along this track, its mostly the same, each day a set routine.

I race out my bedroom, quickly grab my lunch and almost always skip my breakfast, I rush for the early 7:00 bus. Upon reaching school I am already exhausted by my 1 hour ride and although I do enjoy most of my lectures, I find it brutal the number of assignment and labs I have due each week, and worse when its all wrapped up prettily and offered with midterms.

Here is a picture I clicked on my way to school. 


Must admit though, so far this ride has been fun. While on this trip, I have befriended a number of enthusiastic, passionate and kind people. I have had a few moments that took my breath away and there have also been times I hit the bed because my brain couldn’t take it anymore. Although I told myself I would try to wait the 1st semester to join any clubs, I couldn’t resist. So although I have my reading break starting tomorrow, I am flooded with work.

As I sat there on a comfy red couch, waiting for my next class.(yeah we have comfy couches at our university), I stared at an application from a program that matches you up with a mentor from medical school. Honestly, at that point I didn’t know if I really needed a mentor, besides I wasn’t completely considering med school, but with time on my hand, with a few clicks on my keyboard I successfully completed the form right before heading into class.

I got accepted. I didn’t know whether I should be excited or scared, but as days went by and once I finally got to meet my mentor I realized, those 15 minutes were spent well.

I have some much more to say. Yet I really need to head to bed, so I get through with my routine for one last time before I start my wonderful break.

PS: My sister GOT married, Alhumdulilah. I will tell you more about that in my next post. Until then let me know what you think about my fun fact

Fun fact of the blog:

“Skin cells also secrete natural antibiotics called defensins that literally punch holes in bacteria,” -Anatomy Textbook

My dear friend Priyam, entuasitically pointed out “GUYS OUR SKIN PUNCHES HOLES IN BACTERIA LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT”

So I thought, why not share this 🙂



The first blog…..

The first one is …. almost always the hardest one to start isn’t it?  Just like going back to school after a long summer (which still feels short) is the hardest thing to get motivated about.


Speaking of which, I am totally excited about attending university orientations which start next week. This year though, I have a motivation, my motivation is all about stepping into this new environment – new school, new friends, new program, new world.  I am slightly nervous about the workload, yet extremely eager to explore this new atmosphere. Who knew I would end up taking this path? A year ago, I was probably one of the many confused grade 12s out there, (seriously though, how does this world expect us to figure out our life when we are only 17?)

Anyhow, apart from the fact that I think I know that I will endure many stressful days; I shall stay open to detours if necessary. I think at the end of the day, it’s about making sure you are doing what you love, I completely love my sciences, although physics is more towards the dark side, I still find quantum mechanics absolutely mind blowing.  So you really just might find me throwing random facts at you, but I am definitely more of a chem and bio person. For starters, I recently learned that our taste buds change every 7-ish years with a transitional period of 6 months, meaning chances are that we might actually enjoying eating something now that we probably hated when we were kids,  so why not give that detested food another chance. (I am thinking, I will try some eggplant, for some reason – I have never been a big fan)


Something else that will probably surprise most people, even if you are not a bookworm is that I just started reading the Harry Potter series. I know I am very late, but in my defense all I have to say is I tried reading them a few years back, but having watched the movies, they were all so fresh in my head, I felt I couldn’t use my imagination at its best.  So I will take leave and head back to the magical world for a while.

I’d love to hear more about your university experience, or how you got to deciding what you want to be? Or simply anything you would like to share.

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