Racing through life

A lot has happened since I left you. 

Since the very first day of university, my life has been a race. For the longest time I have been trying to catch a breath.  It seems so tiring to just keep racing along this track, its mostly the same, each day a set routine.

I race out my bedroom, quickly grab my lunch and almost always skip my breakfast, I rush for the early 7:00 bus. Upon reaching school I am already exhausted by my 1 hour ride and although I do enjoy most of my lectures, I find it brutal the number of assignment and labs I have due each week, and worse when its all wrapped up prettily and offered with midterms.

Here is a picture I clicked on my way to school. 


Must admit though, so far this ride has been fun. While on this trip, I have befriended a number of enthusiastic, passionate and kind people. I have had a few moments that took my breath away and there have also been times I hit the bed because my brain couldn’t take it anymore. Although I told myself I would try to wait the 1st semester to join any clubs, I couldn’t resist. So although I have my reading break starting tomorrow, I am flooded with work.

As I sat there on a comfy red couch, waiting for my next class.(yeah we have comfy couches at our university), I stared at an application from a program that matches you up with a mentor from medical school. Honestly, at that point I didn’t know if I really needed a mentor, besides I wasn’t completely considering med school, but with time on my hand, with a few clicks on my keyboard I successfully completed the form right before heading into class.

I got accepted. I didn’t know whether I should be excited or scared, but as days went by and once I finally got to meet my mentor I realized, those 15 minutes were spent well.

I have some much more to say. Yet I really need to head to bed, so I get through with my routine for one last time before I start my wonderful break.

PS: My sister GOT married, Alhumdulilah. I will tell you more about that in my next post. Until then let me know what you think about my fun fact

Fun fact of the blog:

“Skin cells also secrete natural antibiotics called defensins that literally punch holes in bacteria,” -Anatomy Textbook

My dear friend Priyam, entuasitically pointed out “GUYS OUR SKIN PUNCHES HOLES IN BACTERIA LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT”

So I thought, why not share this 🙂