Every person has a story. Beneath that skin there is an inner self, bursting with a million feelings, a  voice that longs to be heard, a gush of emotions just waiting to be explored.

This is my story. I am 17 year old Muslim girl who wants to share her opinions with the world. One could say that there are various connotations regarding the title “beneath my cover” . For one, I want to voice my experience as a young Muslim, I wear my hijab proudly, and regard it as a symbol of modestly and self respect. Although some people evaluate it on accounts of oppression, I testify that to me, it accounts for my freedom.

Secondly,  I want to share my story as an average 17 year old girl who just happens to end up in extraordinary situations.  Come each day, millions of us girls go through different situations. I am hoping to re-capture some elements of our day to day life and present it creatively through this blog.

Long story short, a little about me, I am an extremely curious person, love adventures and add to that my foodie nature and boom you get someone who completely enjoys travelling. I love socializing and getting to know others. Different point of views help me grow as person because they compel me to see things in an another way. Honestly, I am not a huge TV fanatic apart from the occasional family time, although the old Disney still tends to attract me any day.  I use to be a book worm but in the past few years that habit reduced considerably, I am seriously hoping to dig up my lost passion.

Recently I decided to try my hand at redefining my purpose, understanding my identity . So I am refining some skills, learning some others and all in all just exploring what everyone has to offer.

So here is to trying out blogging. I hope you enjoy this journey.

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