An interesting bus ride

Hello peeps

Hope everyone is doing well, it has been way too long and again I apologize.

Today when I rode my bus to school I realized one thing as I looked out the window. That today, this little city was more alive than ever. I passed by different types of trees, each spotted in a slightly different shade of green and each had a different shape. (I hope noticing all this green wasn’t because it is saudi national day today). I thought to myself –> in a few days, these pretty lively trees, will all be covered in white spray. Nature is interesting, one beautiful things hides the other beneath it. As much as I can’t wait for the first snow fall, I wish there was a way to always have this greenery around. 

Sometimes we are so focused on our devices that we often neglect the beauty around us. Just the way I looked up in awe as I passed by each tree today (. although I take this bus everyday)

Tip to myself and others: Take five minutes everyday to look around and just observe the beauty around. Reminds us so much of how beautiful god’s creation is and in some way reminds us, we are just as beautiful. 

Have a nice day !! Rest to my dear Saudi and expatriates, Happy Saudi National Day. 


Not my image.

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